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Rape Charges in New York City


Rape charges in New York City are a very serious matter. He or she may be facing jail or prison time, loss of a job or career, and lifelong stigma. One need only recall the recent case of the Duke University lacrosse players and the false rape charges that were leveled against them to understand the trauma faced by an individual charged with rape. Even though the rape charges were dropped, the rumors or impression of rape may follow the accused for the rest of their lives.


The Difficulties Faced by Those Charged with Rape

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criminal defense attorneys are acutely aware of the difficulties faced by individuals accused of rape. Their families and friends may be supportive — or not — and their neighbors, coworkers, and larger community will all be morbidly interested in the rape charges. The accuser may well be given more credibility than the accused.

Categories of Rape Charges

Rape charges may be issued by a state, federal or military prosecutors. The specific rape charges that the accused is facing must be examined by a qualified defense attorney, but some general categories are:

Rape — Non-consensual sexual intercourse with another person
Attempted Rape / Sexual Assault / Sexual Battery — Non-consensual sexual contact
Date Rape / Acquaintance Rape — Rape in which the victim has a pre-existing relationship with the accused (such as a dating relationship or a prior sexual relationship)
Marital Rape / Spousal Rape — Rape alleged to have occurred within the context of a marriage; sometimes such a charge is made or threatened during a divorce.
Statutory Rape ( Sexual Assault on a Minor) — The alleged victim is not recognized under the law as being old enough to give consent to a sexual act; in most states the age of consent is 16
Rape Committed by a Juvenile — Different considerations may apply than for an adult charged with rape


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