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Manhattan Special Victims Unit

I was called by a SVU Detective, what should I do?

The NYPD investigates sex crimes through what are called Special Victims Units. The most famous one, is the Manhattan SVU (made famous by a TV show). These are specially trained detectives who do nothing but sex crimes cases. They will often approach a target in the middle of the workday or early in the morning to throw him/her off balance. The key for any detective is to get the suspect to talk. There may be many good reasons why you would like to speak with the detectives. However, this should never be done without your own attorney at your side.

The reasons for this are too numerous to list here, but one basic one is that the detecives do not have to tell you what you are charged with and are in fact, allowed by law to lie to you. Thus, you have no idea what or who is accusing you. They often will have your write out a statement in order to preserve it for court in the future. None of this should be done without first speaking to a Manhattan Sex Crimes lawyer.

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