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The NYPD has a special unit that investigates sexual crimes- The Special Victims Unit. The process usually begins with a phone call to 911 or a walk in to a precinct and the reporting of an alleged sexual assault. Then detectives from the the SVU will the interview the alleged victim and then, if known, will attempt to speak to the alleged offender. The SVU will also take a woman victim to the hospital to do a rape kit. This includes sveral tests to determine if a woman has in fact been raped.

It is important to note that the focus of the NYPD SVU is to prosecute as many people as possible for sexual assault. Their investigations are tilted in favor of the alleged victim and any statements he/she makes. That is if there is no medical evidence of a sexual assault, but the victim insists that ans assualt in fact occured, the NYPD will make an arrest anyway.

The reason for this is that it is politically easier to prosecute someone for a sexual assault that it is to exonarate the accused. We have seen many cases where there is very little evidence of a sexual assault and the NYPD still make an arrest. In cases where the victims are children, the procedure is more concentrated. The NYPD, a ACS worker, an Assistant District Attorney, will interview the child victim on video. This is extremely problematic because the child can be lead by adults into making statements. We have seen many videos where the child is guided by the adults into making statements agains the alleged defendant.


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