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False Allegations of Sexual Assault

This area of the law is one that every New York lawyer knows is prone to false accusations. The reason is that in many of these sex assault, rape, or child abuse cases, the parties are known to each other and have a long history that is driving the accusations. It is also an area where an accuser can reap significant benefits from city, state, and federal agencies by just making the claims. We recently had a case where a shild in foster care lied about being sexually abused because she wanted to go live with her grandmother.


It is also an area that is very hard to defend against in court because often it will be the word of the accuser versus the word of the accused. This situation often results in the defendant having to testify in his own defense and hope that the jury will see the truth. It is also true that prosecutors in New York City treat sex cases seriously and use them as political tools to advance their political positions. We have seen hundreds of cases where the prosecutor will go forward with little evidence because it is politicall expedient for him to do so.

Those falsely accused of these horrific crimes suffer in many ways. Many will be fired from their jobs, be rejected by long-time friends and have to face a difficult criminal justice system. Many become completely ostracized from their community and all of this based on just the word of someone else. The best thing you can do if you are falsely accused is obtain effective legal representation that will investogate every part of your case and make sure the truth is brought to light. Contact us if you have been falsely accused.