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New York City Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

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Sexual assault in New York City can result in heavy fines, probation and very often, imprisonment. According to the Department of Justice, 56 percent of sexual assault convictions resulted in prison sentences. Nearly all convicted defendants who did not receive jail time were placed on probation. Other than murder, sexual assault convictions carried the longest median prison sentence (7 years).

A secondary result of a New York City Sexual Assault conviction is registration as a sex offender. Individuals who have been convicted of a sex offense must register under New Yorks SORA Law. The names of these offenders are published on the internet and can follow a convicted sex offender in their searches for employment or residence. An experienced New York City Sexual Assault attorney is your best defense against the negative social stigma associated with a sexual assault crime.

False allegations are an unfortunate reality when it comes to New York City Sexual Assault cases. Allegations of forced sex between consenting adults can be common, as are false child sexual abuse accusations. Healthcare workers, school teachers, babysitters and guardians and even parents can find themselves facing charges of child abuse when people misinterpret actions. With heavy fines, prison time, and your good name all at risk, it is of vital importance to secure experienced counsel as soon as you are accused of sexual assault. Our attorneys may be able to lessen your fines, reduce your jail sentence or even have the charges dismissed.

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