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New York City Statutory Rape Defense Lawyer

Stautory Rape Charges in New York City

As with all rape charges, charges of statutory rape must be taken very seriously. Statutory rape charges can result in severe penalties including prison time and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Sex offender registration is a social stigma that can permanently hinder your ability to find homes, find a job and form personal relationships.

It is important to understand that statutory rape can be reported by any person, not just the alleged victim. Often, these charges are made by the parents. Even if the girl does not wish to press charges or claims that sexual contact was consensual, prosecutors will often pursue these charges.

Family relationships and the fact that the alleged victim is a minor are factors that complicate statutory rape cases. In many cases, the accused may not have known that the girl was under 18, or her age may have been misrepresented to him. In either case, charges can still be filed.

There are many factors that go into the defense strategy of statutory rape charges. A full and complete investogation must be done in order to nail down the facts of the case and not allow any evidence to be destroyed. Medical experts may need to be hire in order to prove the client's innocence. This can be a very complicated process. Any case involving an underage child is going to be difficult. If you have been charged with statutory rape, contact us at 917-519-8417 and put our experience to work for you.