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Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Sex offender registration is often a requirement after a sex crime conviction. There are particular minor offenses which may not require registration, but sodomy, rape, child pornography, child molestation, and sexual battery will all most likely require mandatory sex offender registration for life. Under New York state law, a sex offender is required to register and re-register with the proper authority at particular intervals, and he or she will be informed of these requirements upon the completion of his or her term of imprisonment before release on parole or probation.

Have you been accused of a failure to register as a sex offender? You may have been accused of a failure to register upon your release from imprisonment, or perhaps you were accused of not registering within the allotted time period after your birthday, change of name, or change of address. There are numerous instances in which you will need to register or re-register with your local sheriff's office, and violating these requirements will have extremely harsh consequences. If you have been accused of failing to register as a sex offender, contact us at 917-519-8417 immediately.